Pathologies of The Labor Market

Apublic employee double-parks, files at her workplace and drives off in her car again. Go to breakfast first. Then you stop by a supermarket to do some shopping. And he ends up visiting another store. And so he has consumed part of his alleged workday. It is not a myth. It is a real case. The scene was recorded in Valencia for a report recently broadcast on television. Yes, we have a serious problem with absenteeism. If the figures of the report published this week by Randstad Research are correct, on average, some 51,000 employees do not go to their job in Galicia daily,of which 16,000, 1.5 percent of those employed in this community, are absent without medical leave. The aforementioned study estimates the overall cost of absenteeism for Galician companies at around 2,900 million euros. Eye to the data. That figure is equivalent to almost 30 percent of the Xunta’s annual budget.

Absenteeism from work is a serious, very serious pathology of the labor market in our country. And there are real professionals . Employees who add months and months of sick leave due to diseases that confess their acquaintances to pretend not to have to go to work. Yes, it is also a real case. Actually, several with the same paradigm. Some more extreme than others. All equally immoral.

«Many little things»

In the public sector, those who practice it are as guilty as those who tolerate it or look the other way.. And also the current labor legislation. Because methandienone tablets with the law in hand, an employee of a Valencian public hospital, they say that a bodybuilding fan, has been able to live 13 years and 2 months without going to his job, alternating casualties and vacations while continuing to collect. He explained it clearly: «There are many small things that ultimately come together and prevent me from working.» And no, it is not such an extraordinary case. Absenteeism already has a trace of an epidemic. In Cádiz, a paid engineer from the city council went six years without going to his job without anyone even missing him. In the Valencian Community another case of an official who received as boss without going to work came out. He was one of those who started to sign up first thing, left and returned at the time of departure. Of course, a very profitable ride, at the rate of 50,000 euros a year.

Common sense

A little rationality is missing. At some point, when the euphoria over having overcome the economic recession passes, we should start talking seriously about the situation in the labor kaufen boldenone undecylenate in Deutschland market. Not of indiscriminate increases in salaries. Yes of a true flexibility of labor relations in this country, of linking wages to productivity, of thoroughly reviewing the role of union freedmen. And above all of effective measures to eradicate absenteeism. Out of pure common sense. Because studies indicate that this serious pathology involves a cost of between 50,000 and 70,000 million euros each year in Spain . And that is a luxury that we cannot afford even in the expansive phases of the cycle.

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